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I started this blog to help prepare and study for all sections of the Architect Registration Exam, currently ARE 5.0. While I may not be adding new posts with great frequency, existing ones may be improved and new illustrations added on occasion.   Entries are not copied from pre-existing study questions or actual exams (to cover my heinie from the long arm of NCARB), but quiz questions are devised from review of all manner of study materials, code documentation and available industry information.  As such, the format does not necessarily match that of actual exams.  See the reference materials pages by exam.  Add recommendations for study resources by leaving a comment.  ARE Study Review works on mobile devices for quizzing on the go.  For licensed practitioners, follow along, test yourself, and stay sharp.
If there's content area that you'd like to see more of in the questions, or if you'd like to share recommendations for review materials, please comment on any page.  Thanks for sharing!
Lastly, here's my Disclosure PolicyComment Policy and Privacy Policy so I can responsibly deliver a seriously useful blog!


  1. The "Qs by exams" links for CD+S, PP+P and SP+D also seem to not be working properly.

  2. got it updated, Qs by exams should work now. Thanks!

  3. Hello,

    How can I access the Blogger information that is linked to the Reference:General section?


  4. Commenting is enabled on Reference: General now! Thanks.

  5. Some of the answers come up as blank black bars...any suggestions?

    Studying for PPP now and I appreciate the extra review questions, good resource.


  6. Could depend on your browser - if you use Internet Explorer, pre-9 versions are wonky as this site uses css3 to format answers. Also, to study for PPP, check out SPD and CDS for extra, related practice.

  7. Thank you so much for providing this resource!!

  8. Great work, thanks for the helpful exam prep questions !


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