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Construction and Evaluation exam reference materials:

Although the latest CSI MasterFormat is now far beyond the NCARB recommended 2004 edition for the exam series, it's worth checking out this in depth discussion: What is MasterFormat 2004 and Why Should I Care?

AIA Contract Document Comparisons Series compares current and previous versions of AIA documents either side-by-side or strikeout/underline

Contract Docs: AIA Document A201™–2007, General Conditions of Contract for Construction.
AIA Document B101™–2007, Owner/Architect Agreement.

AIA A201-2007 Commentary PDF free
AIA Contract Relationship Diagrams

Professional Practice Lecture Notes and Audio by Prof. Hanahan, Chicago-based construction lawyer (covers contracts well)

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Bolted connections

What is the minimum spacing of bolts specified by AISC? and preferred spacing? A. 1 1/4 times the diameter of the bolt; 2 times preferred B. 1 3/4 times the diameter of the bolt; 2 1/4 times preferred C. 2 1/3 times the diameter of the bolt; 2 2/3 times preferred D. 2 2/3 times the diameter of the bolt; 3 times preferred E. 3 times the diameter of the bolt; 3.25 times preferred

Fire detection

Which of the following detector types can detect smoke or a smoldering fire that has not yet burst into flames? A. Ionization B. Rise-of-temperature C. Photoelectric D. Flame detectors