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Elevator operation

Which of the following operating systems responds to all calls in one direction, then answers all calls in the reverse direction, ultimately returning the cab to the lobby.
A. single automatic, B. selective collective operation, C. group automatic operation

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Wood Connectors

The special connection hardware in this image is a
A. joist hanger, B. post cap, C. post base
D. saddle hanger, E. U hanger

ID this valve!

What type of valve is this? It is one of the family of quarter-turn valves and is preferred for shut-off applications.
A. butterfly, B. ball
C. check, D. globe, E. gate

Molding joints

How does the crown molding meet at this interior angle? (Choose 2)
A. mitered joint,  B. coped joint
C. scribed joint,   D. scarf joint

Flame spread ratings

Interior finishes for walls and ceilings are subject to testing requirements for flame spread and for smoke developed. The Steiner Tunnel Test is alternatively identified as which testing methods (choose 3):
A. ASTM E84, B. UL 723, C. NFPA 253, D. NFPA 255, E. ASTM E662