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While underimprovement describes property that is not being put to its highest and best use (reducing its value), when does overimprovement apply?

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Changes in work

During construction, how does the owner unilaterally order changes to the contract without changing its terms?
A by change order document
B by issuing a written order for a minor change
C by construction change directive
D by issuing an addendum
E none of the above

Initial Decision Maker

The 2007 editions of AIA construction contract forms A101, A102(A111 old) and A201 introduced and defined the term Initial Decision Maker (IDM). The role is designated to make decisions in all matters of dispute between the Owner and the Contractor. These decisions are final and binding, but are also subject to mediation and arbitration. If the IDM is not appointed in the construction agreement, who will serve this function?

Instruments of service

How can the Architect be compensated if the Owner continues to use the Architect's Instruments of Service in order to complete the project after the Architect agreement has been terminated (either at the Owner's convenience or by the Architect)?