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Egress Width per Occupant Served

Calculating the required minimum width for a shared corridor between 50 persons from a Business occupancy and 250 persons from a Hospital occupancy results in which required minimum corridor width?
A. 44 inches
B. 56 inches
C. 60 inches
D. 90 inches
E. 96 inches
Answercorridors calculated at 0.2"/person is 60" but the more stringent occupancy is Hospital requiring 96"

Structural Symbol Definition

Which of the following symbols is defined as

Total length of beam between reaction points, inches


Answerl is correct. L would be in feet.

ARE 5.0 Transition


With ARE 5.0 here and 4.0 phasing out by June 30, 2018, NCARB's transition calculator provides a nice comparison of the two series. For instance, Site Planning & Design passed under 4.0 would receive credit within 2 divisions under 5.0:

  • Programming & Analysis 
  • Project Planning & Design
Even if the transition doesn't impact your testing situation, the calculator is useful to understand how 4.0 divisions are mapped to 5.0. The content itself is not substantially different. Will ARE 5.0 change your strategy?