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Energy Star Label

What can the Energy Star label be applied to?
I. dishwashing machines
II. refrigerators
III. cement plants
IV. new homes
V. cars

A. I and III
C. I and IV
E. V.

AnswerD. dishwashers, refrigerators, cement plants (industrial facilities), and new homes may all earn the Energy Star label.

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Loading areas

In planning the design of a new warehouse project, a question regarding requirements for the loading area would be best answered by consulting which regulations?
A. Building code
B. Life safety code
C. Zoning ordinances
D. ANSI 117.1
AnswerC. Zoning ordinances.

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Low-voltage circuits

Which of the following is controlled by low-voltage circuits (alternating current below 50V)?
A. intercoms
B. remote lighting fixtures
C. doorbells
D. heating and cooling systems
E. all of the above

AnswerE. all of the above. Normal line voltage is transformed by a step-down transformer to supply low-voltage circuits.

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Stairway towers in code

When a building's height is greater than or equal to 75 feet, at least one of the required exits must be:

A. a fire tower
B. a smoke proof tower
C. a smoke proof enclosure
D. A and B but not C
E. B and C but not A
F. A, B and C

AnswerF. A, B and C all refer to an enclosed stairway constructed to be noncombustible, designed to provide a refuge for occupants to safely leave the building.

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