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Free to rotate and translate?

What type of connection is free to rotate and translate along a surface, which can be horizontal, vertical or sloped, producing a reaction force that is always a single force perpendicular to the surface?
A. Fixed
B. Pinned
C. Roller
AnswerC. Roller - a typical connection in bridges to allow expansion / contraction with temperature fluctuations.
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Blackout post!

Take a breather for the summer? Perhaps you tried valiantly to get in as many tests as possible before the end of June...Use the NCARB blackout to get some lower-pressure study time in? Two months worth of solid study time without the possibility of a test to break it up...However you decide to use the time, are-review.blogspot will be here when you need it! Cheers.

Foundation Piles 2

Four 12 inch diameter piles (each of whose frictional capacity is 300 psf) support a column carrying 120 kips total load.

How deep must each pile be to support the load?
A. 24 ft
B. 30 ft
C. 32 ft
D. 40ft

AnswerC. 32 ft. From the diameter of each pile (r/2 = 12/2 = 6 in = 0.5 ft) the circumference is (C = 2∏r = 2x3.142x0.5) 3.142. Dividing the required frictional area by the circumference of the circular piles equals the required depth (100sf / 3.142 = 31.83 ft or 32 ft)

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CSI 95 vs 04

Which of the following current MasterFormat 04 divisions were previously found in MasterFormat'95 division 15?
A. Div 22
B. Div 23
C. Div 26
D. Div 27

AnswerA. Div 22 Plumbing & B. Div 23 HVAC, were previously grouped together in mechanical and plumbing division 15.

ARE 4.0 exam prep: CDS

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