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Stairway towers in code

When a building's height is greater than or equal to 75 feet, at least one of the required exits must be:

A. a fire tower
B. a smoke proof tower
C. a smoke proof enclosure
D. A and B but not C
E. B and C but not A
F. A, B and C

AnswerF. A, B and C all refer to an enclosed stairway constructed to be noncombustible, designed to provide a refuge for occupants to safely leave the building.

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Personal space

From nearest to farthest physical distance surrounding an individual, complete the following list:
1. Intimate
2. Personal
3. Social
4. _________
AnswerPublic distance, from 12 feet and beyond, permitting the greatest formality in interaction.

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Steel properties

Which of the following types of steel can have on average up to 1/2 percent (0.25-0.55%) copper content?

A. structural steel
B. alloy steel
C. weathering steel
D. stainless steel

AnswerC. weathering steel, also known under the trade name COR-TEN, which develops a stable rust-like appearance after exposure for several years.